You might like to read through this page to find out more about how we process the customer's private information.

Personal Information

Once you make an order, we request you to provide some personal data like your billing information and contact details. Be assured that such personal information is kept absolutely confidential. Only order-related processes involve its usage. We by no means distribute or provide access to the client data. We will use your e-mail address for order-related communication only. In case we need to get in touch with you urgently, we can use your phone number. However, it's applicable only to serious cases such as issues with attached files or a lack of instructions.

Info about the visitor

Entering a website involves revealing specific data like the version of your OS or your internet browser. Our system gathers and analyzes that data to reach a better quality level when it comes to the website's content and design. We keep your data discreet and never disclose it to any third-party organizations for any reason.

Web Cookies

We use Google Analytics for marketing analysis of consumers’ behavior with the help of the internet cookies. Any personal info is not obtainable via cookies because only some secondary details on the person's browsing activity are stored there. Google turns all the cookie information we send into website activity reports.

Links to External Resources

If we place some links to the websites of other external resources on our site, keep in mind that we are not accountable for any content or matters related to these websites. Our company constantly reviews and tweaks our Privacy Policy. Check up on this policy page from time to time in order to be well-informed of any adjustments.