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The book report is a rather time-consuming assignment, and it’s easy to see why: to complete it, the student is required to read a whole book and prepare an objective and detailed review. The danger here is that you risk getting a low grade or even failing your homework assignment if your teacher finds out you didn’t read the book all the way through. And unless you find a solution, the chances are that you may even fail your entire course!

Most students think that writing a book report is only necessary for their literature class, however, this type of essay may be required for other classes as well. You may be asked to read and evaluate the book for any class, and it doesn’t matter what you major in — sciences or arts. As books are the primary sources of academic information, professors often give their students this type of assignment to check how well they understand some info and whether specific study material should be replaced with something else.

All in all, when you write a book report, you gain and improve several essential skills, such as:

  • Reading;
  • Comprehension;
  • Research;
  • Analysis;
  • Writing;
  • Time management.

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Many students make a big mistake thinking that reading critical reviews or extracts will be enough for them to complete the task. In fact, all depends on the size of the book and its plot: if it’s a 200-page book, you risk losing track of plot developments by reading only an abstract or reviews; and conversely, if the plot is too monotonous and boring, you won’t miss anything by skipping a chapter or two. The problem is you will never know for sure unless you read it, so you shouldn’t rely solely on your friends or parents’ opinion, as they are all prone to subjective thinking.

Here are some of the possible tricks you can resort to come up with an A-level college book report:

  • Read reviews of various authors;
  • Read an abstract or extract alone;
  • Listen to what your friends and family say about the book;
  • Watch a movie based on the original book.

The last method is effective only if the film is based on the same piece you have to read (many films have identical titles, you know), and none of the critically important parts have been cut out. Also, you should check that the names of the main characters and locations match the ones in the book, unless, of course, you want your teacher to find out that you watched the movie instead of reading the book.

Some books are boring to read at a young age, which is why students often ask themselves a question: 'Who can write my book report?' And the best answer to this question is to seek the help of professional writers with extensive experience, such as ours are. Holding degrees of the leading US, UK, Canadian, and Australian colleges and universities, they sure know what it takes to come up with a perfect book review. They have read almost all of the books teachers require their students to write book reports on, but if it is some little-known piece few people ever read, they will be more than happy to read it as well.

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The book review comprises more parts than a typical essay and is, therefore, structurally different from the research paper and other academic assignments. However, that won’t be a problem for our writers who can come up with any part of your book review, including:

  • Bibliographical information (the general info about the book such as its author and other publishing details).
  • Background information (useful information on the author).
  • Intended audience (for whom was the piece written).
  • Purpose & thesis statement (the main idea of the paper).
  • Summary of content.
  • Critical feedback (decide whether or not the author managed to achieve the set goals).
  • Sources used (provide the list of all sources using one of the citation formats, such as MLA).

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