How to Write an Art Essay and Stop Procrastinating

All the famous writers became famous not because of their significant talent, but because they spent a lot of time practicing their craft. If you are not ready to dedicate all your life to writing, you still need to know how to write an art essay. There are a lot of reasons for it, but the reality is always the same – you want to get the best grade in essay writing. On the contrast, you don’t want to sit all day long with the pen and paper and wait until your inspiration comes. If this is your goal, make sure you know what to write and how to write an essay about art.

What Is an Art Essay — Understand the Purpose

Essay writing is a particular and rather complicated area in the academic writing sphere. Each essay type has its own peculiar features and before you start working on it, make sure you are familiar at least with the basis. So, what is an art essay? Is it necessary to be an art expert to deal with such assignment correctly? The art essay definition is not very different from the others, but the focus of the subject is not the topic, but a certain art object, spotlight or exhibition.

Structure of the Art Essay and Its Features

How to connect all the ideas in your essay? The structure of the art essay has the following parts – Introduction, Body text, and Conclusion. Each part includes certain info. For example, the introduction should have an opening sentence, developing sentence and a thesis statement. As for Body text, be ready to come up with at least three ideas. Each of them should be described appropriately, and each paragraph needs to have the main sentence (usually it’s called topic sentence). Besides, don’t forget to cite the sources you were recommended or which you’ve chosen before. Add your own point of view, don’t leave your readers with the bare quote, as you need to prove your viewpoint concerning the essay question. In the last part, you summarize everything you’ve analyzed and restate your thesis.

How to Start an Art Essay?

Let’s take a closer look at some parts we discussed in the previous paragraph. How to write an introduction for an art essay if you’ve never done it before? Just remember, an introduction sets the tone of the whole work. It is your chance to grab the interest, and you shouldn’t lose it. That is why it is important to start with your claim, adding relevant info to back your position. (i.e., “The art in ancient Egypt was influenced by religion and beliefs,” but why do you think so? – add more material to support this point of view). Besides the clear and pertinent thesis statement, make sure the introduction is linked with the main body and is reflected in conclusion.

The Body of Your Essay

These three paragraphs serve as the development of your main idea, which you stated in the introduction. Some elements to make it more efficient:

  • A topic sentence. You may call it "a thesis statement for this essay." As a rule, it is the first sentence which tells your readers what you are going to talk about in the next passage.
  • Evidence (a fact, which you researched). Provide a proper citation, don’t make it too long and make sure it fits the context.
  • Your point of view. That is your comment concerning the fact you provided.
  • Explanation. Of course, a comment is not enough, and you need to state your position by saying why this fact is important.
  • Ensure this text passage is linked to the next one as well as to the introductory part.

Best Art Essay Topics

The topic you are working on is an essential criterion for you to make it cool and creative. If you think you’ll have your mind blown, you may want to avoid it, use an art essay writing service. It will save you from frustration and sleepless nights, especially if you have no time. However, you might like the writing process, so don’t rush to do it. Check out these art essay topics, maybe you’ll find the inspiration for your future masterpiece.

  • The influence of Kabuki Theater in the modern pop culture.
  • Puppet theaters: traditions around the globe.
  • The art in Ancient Greece vs the Ancient Roman art against their political course.
  • Banksy: a street art genius or a vandal?
  • Postmodernism in the modern art.
  • In what way technology can influence art? Give the most prominent examples.
  • Cartoons and political humor throughout the art history.
  • Is classical crossover a death of opera?
  • Literature genres which (can) establish new youth subcultures.
  • Steampunk movement in the modern society.
  • Digital art – a new era of art or just a fashion trend?
  • Post-war art in Europe in the 20th century.
  • Feminist art in the context of modern art.

Learn how to write an art essay with us, and rest assured that all your assignment will deserve only the highest grades.