Objective Essay and How to Master It

Dealing with different writing assignments can be challenging for many students since any academic paper is quite demanding and has its own peculiarities. However, if you follow the below recommendations, you are assured of the high quality of the finished product and high grades.

  • Focus on your target audience to choose the most appropriate topic for discussion.
  • Do the research, if necessary, to demonstrate your competence in the chosen topic.
  • Follow the structure requirements to express your ideas logically.
  • Pay attention to the coherence between the paragraphs of your essay.
  • Remember that your ideas should be complete. No open questions.

There is one more recommendation following which you can write an essay that will leave everybody speechless and meet all of your professor’s requirements. It concerns objective essay writing and the main idea behind it is that the quality of your essay to a great extent depends not on its structure and central issue, but on the relevance and reliability of its content. Another important thing that you should know about the objective essay: writing, ideas, outline and its other parts are that they all should be supported with trustworthy evidence from relevant n sources. For many students this recommendation may seem too obvious, but is it really so? Let’s just study in detail some essential aspects of the objective essay to gain a better understanding of what it is all about.

What is an objective essay: pure facts

The purpose of an essay is not only to show your competence or excellent writing skills but also to demonstrate your analytical skills and ability to make your paper more informative and interesting by finding relevant information. When writing an essay, students often free their minds completely and simply state ideas forgetting about backing them up with evidence and facts. As a result, their essays become uninteresting and highly subjective, and it doesn’t even depend on how exciting their topic is. Now, let’s talk about the objective essay, and more specifically, what is an objective essay? When dealing with this type of paper, you are to stay neutral and express ideas without citing your own assumptions, opinions or beliefs. Your primary task is to provide information and back it up with precise and trustworthy evidence, such as research data or statistics. This way, your audience will receive unbiased information and thus perceive your paper as reliable. Actually, there isn't an accurate objective essay definition, except for the following one: be objective and provide evidence.

How to write an objective essay: Your A+ guide

Keep in mind that your essay should be based on facts, not your opinion. When writing an objective essay, you should state information unemotionally. It is better for you to choose facts and evidence that can’t be contested or disputed so that your readers remain content with your essay.

In order to better understand which essay is considered objective, let’s have a look at two examples of the objective description essay. Let's choose a topic that is both thought-provoking and relevant, and describe it in different ways. Since the concept of the objective essay is pretty vague, comparison of these two types of academic papers will help you see the difference better.

Example 1. The computer and the Internet are very harmful things. I recommend that you not spend too much time sitting at the computer because it can lead to health issues, as well as affect different aspects of your life. It is better for you to devote time to outdoor activities, such as picnics, cycling or sports. Pay attention to things of greater importance and spend your time with your relatives or loved ones.

Example 2. Today we can’t imagine our lives without desktop computers, laptops, and social networks. However, we should be careful because recent studies have shown that 46% of people who spend more than 5-6 hours at the computer suffer from blurred vision (it can decrease by 0.5 times or even more). Besides, polls indicate that excessive social networking can cause social teenagers to experience difficulties in communicating with their peers in real life.

As you can see, the two text segments discuss the same issue, but there is no doubt in the reader’s mind that the second one e is more interesting. In the first segment, the author constantly uses the "I" pronoun, and we immediately get the impression that in this way they try to impose their opinion on us. Moreover, there is no any logical reason to confirm such information. That is surely not how to write an objective essay.

In the second text segment, we are presented with real data (studies and polls) and sources that are unlikely to raise any doubts. Also, the author uses the general and neutral type of narration, refraining from expressing their opinion directly. We’d like to point out that the data used is not reliable enough, but you probably noticed that the second text segment made you feel more confident about the information presented, didn’t it?

You already know what content you should use in this type of paper but still have no idea how to conclude an objective essay? You shouldn’t end your paper by expressing your own idea. Yup, you just need to provide a piece of information and let the readers themselves decide what to do with it. Therefore, we recommend using thought-provoking semi-questions(e.g., How much longer will we let the Internet k control our lives?). However, your conclusion should depend on the topic and type of your paper, which is why you should primarily focus on these two aspects. Wrap up e your essay by repeating your thesis statement and giving a clear-cut answer to it.

Objective essay outline: Example of good structure

  1. Introduction
    • T topic you want to discuss
    • Attention-grabbing thesis statement
  2. Body part
    • Exploring the issue from multiple perspectives
    • Providing reliable foundation for each of them
      1. Evidence 1: Research data, polls, etc.
      2. Evidence 2: An exciting real-life example
      3. Evidence 3: History facts that emphasize the importance of the chosen issue
  3. Conclusion
    • Reiterating thesis statement and reaction to it
    • Thought-provoking ending

As you can see, in this objective essay outline example we decided to provide you with the author’s (student’s) real-life experience. Here, it’s appropriate and effective, and you don’t need to focus on yourself, which lets you preserve originality and individuality of your paper. Moreover, because real-life examples are easy to believe, you can easily earn your audience’s trust. So, use our recommendations, and you are guaranteed to get an A+ for your paper.