Scholarship Essay Topics that Guarantee You Success

If you know how to impress people with your hamburger speed-eating record, it’s cool and maybe even exotic. However, what would you do to impress someone who doesn’t even care how you look like? Of course, you need to write about yourself, so no one has any doubts about your skills and goals. So, let’s get started to impress.

The reason you’re reading might be your wish to apply for a scholarship, but don’t know how to do it effectively. So, step one, you need help choosing scholarship essay topics which work for you. Step two, don’t be in a hurry. It may take you a week or two to brainstorm ideas. Step three, start writing your drafts. Other important tips for you:

  • The most important thing about your paper is the topic or the subject matter. Do not choose the topic you cannot cope with.
  • Depending on it, you may need to tell about your accomplishments in your life and learning and your efforts regarding them. Tell why you think they play an essential role for you.
  • What are the skills, features, or ideas which make you different from others? How did you develop them?
  • How do you perceive your life? What influenced your viewpoint?
  • What personality traits do you consider to be the strongest and why? The weakest?
  • Research. Regardless the idea the essay is about you, conduct research to make sure your plans and goals are credible. It’s also essential if you want to make a real difference, as you don’t want to look through pink glasses.
  • Make draft variants, templates, read the essays of other students.
  • The essay should be tailored to your field and to the scholarship you are applying to.
  • Answer the essay question, don’t just enumerate facts and accomplishments.
  • Ask close friends to proofread the essay you’ve written.

Popular Scholarship Essay Topics List

After you are familiar with these common tips and other important info, let’s move to the list of scholarship essay topics.

  1. The goals I want to achieve in a 10 years period.
  2. How I decided to enter the university against my parents' will and what I learned from this situation.
  3. The value of discipline and hard work in my life.
  4. How my college activity influences the campus life
  5. Volunteering in a charity organization is the best experience of my life.
  6. How my university education will help me make a difference in ____sphere.
  7. Discrimination in the society and my role in overcoming this problem within my university.
  8. The book which made me who I am.
  9. The way we could solve the gun control problem in the USA.
  10. Are there any opportunities you have missed earlier and regret about it now? Did you find the proper alternative?
  11. Success doesn’t equal money. My views on success in life.
  12. How to encourage people to study in the workplace?
  13. The way we can make education more accessible than nowadays.
  14. The way I can fight the stereotypes using my education.
  15. My view on binge drinking problem and the way it could be eased.
  16. The project to change the life in my city.
  17. How good partnership relations make a difference: my strategy and experience.
  18. My social campaign ideas to stop people texting while driving.
  19. Women’s role within the 21st-century society. My view and perspectives.
  20. Which study habits acquired here will help me in my future life.
  21. Does any of your quality or skill make you different? Do you use it for your own purposes only?
  22. Which of your skills will influence people in your community? How do you work to develop them?
  23. What was the most memorable lesson you remember from your childhood? Which impact it has n you now?
  24. Have you ever had to act as a life coach to a person you didn’t know? How did you feel at that time? Did it change your attitude towards people?
  25. Compare yourself now and the person you were 10 years ago to the person you want to become in ten years’ time. What do you need to change? How the education would help you do it.
  26. Are there any extra activities which will benefit your career growth? Does this choice tell something specific about you?
  27. Should a person have a role model? If yes, tell about the role model you admire the most.
  28. The most challenging time in my life I managed to overcome using my educational background.
  29. The way I learned to be a leader and how it shaped my skills and influenced my goals.
  30. Dreaming about the impossible. Does it motivate or distract you?

We hope these scholarship essay topics will be a solid fundament for your writing and inspire you to prepare the best paper. Good luck with achieving your goals!